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School....and other shit...weee

So I am LOVING school this year so far. Definitely remodeling it brings new attitude and change. But yeah, go there at like six thirty leave at two. I like all my classes, except mayeb my english teacher, because she is pissy and flares her nose ALOT when she talks. I think that might be one of my pet peeves haha.

Anyways, went over to Stacy's house and messed with paintshop pro and watch Princess Diaries, it was all and all fun. My stupid shop thing on here isn't the same so it is pissing me off that I can't do what I want to do. I go next wednesday to take my drivers test and hopefully to the ice station show and movies this Saturday and to look at the Ford dealers for an F-150. This week is going by really fast. But....I LIKE IT.

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