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I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetary....

Last night was tons of fun. Started it off with the first football. That was fun, but the game sucked. Jen, Stacy, Ashley, Tyler, D.J and I went to Mountaisia. That was awesome. We played air hockey and other games. Some laser tag, went on the gocarts, played some minature golf. Ashley hit the ball, and D.J smacked it back and it flew into the gocart area. It was halarious haha. Then some little kids felt the need to be pricks and make out in the cave and act all tough shit when we told them to leave haha. But yeah, it was fun, and then Stacy, Jen and I had to be home at 10. And now I am listening to The Ramones. How fun. I babysat most of the day away cause Daniel and Sherie are moving like across from Saugus. So now I can park my car in their drive-way and walk across the street to school so nothing will happen to it. I hope :(. Otherwise I'm dead haha.

Megan Nicole Griswold
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