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Today my heart feels....... [entries|friends|calendar]

Hold your knife against my throat, cut me deeper. Feel the blood drip down your arm, darling. I paint this picture on the back of my mind, but it's fading quickly like an eighth-grade summer romance. The sleeping pills are mixing nicely with red wine. Catch them all, before panic hits monday. Trapped like rats, and oh the water is rising. We'd use the life boat, but we gnawed through the tubing. You're a drug, like the gun inside my mouth, I know it's wrong but i just can't spit you out. Happiness is a warm pun and i love the taste of steel tonight. I know it happens for the rest of your life. Not asking, just doing darling. I know it happens for the rest of your life. I paint this picture on the back of my mind, but it's fading quickly like an eighth-grade summer romance.
My eighth grade summer romance.
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[04 Sep 2006|11:47pm]
So, wow, I don't think i've used this journal in a year....maybe two.

So I think I shall update and start using this one again. Then go back to the other, read all the old memory entries and laugh and hate myself ahaha.

So I guess Steph got asked if she was at orientation yesterday. Why does everyone think we look alike?! I've been there ONE day, well, 4 hours for orientation, and people already are getting us confused. WTF.

All and all, Mitch is finally back from San Fran. I finally get my ipod back so I can finally go on the treadmill with good music easily.

Almost 12....I took a nap today and my mom woke me up saying I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. She was right I suppose. But Daniel woke me up at 10 asking me if I knew that Hollywood Undead got signed with Eminem and asked about that The Frey band and I thought it was The Frill....I was close, get over it. Then asked for some other good music to download. It is a good thing that I've all of a sudden started listening to rap like yuseee a hoeeee, fucking luda. And Gym Class Heroes. What is happening to me? But I am still not crazy about it. And Daniel is.

Daniel and I driving home from Pismo:
Daniel: *listening to radio*
Me: *Notice he is keeping it on the christian rock station wondering how long it will take for him to notice.....so it goes to commercial and he changes it*.....Did you realize you were listening to christian rock Daniel?
Daniel: Was it? I don't know I just like the beat
Me: Ahahahahaha, good thing I like lyrics I guess ...wtf

yeahhhhh, um i'm out
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[10 Jan 2005|06:24pm]







Add.  Add.  Add me back.

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[11 Dec 2004|01:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I am officially not talking to two of my friends at Saugus EVER AGAIN. Reasons disclosed. They should be able to figure it out, they did aha.

On the other hand, I am reading a good book. I am almost done with it, I will give it to Stephanie to read after because it is worth it haha. I didn't have to work this weekend thank God. Finals next week, and then school is done with for three weeks!!! YEY! Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, I can't wait like woah. This weekend I have to get my teacher a secret santa gift. Last night was Saugus's Winter Concert. Womens Ensemble did well, Concert perfect like always, I am so jealous, Show and Jazz were great too. All and all it was a good show and a good bonding experience with our choir if we don't know some girls all that well. I saw Couso there both Thursday at rehearsal and last night, but he didn't talk all that much, I don't think he likes me all that much now that I think about it. Oh well, I can't do anything about that so yepeyep. Ummmm, I washed my moms thunderbird today, I hate those god for saken rims, soooo many spokie thingies. UHM, yeah, I am at Stephanies house right now. My computer officially does not work at all now. So deal people.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TOMORROWWWWWWWW tomorrow tommorrow I love yuh tomorrow. yyeadahsdf;ash', just kiddingasdf

I HATE SAUGUS...AOC next year yeyeyeyeyeyeyfewwwwww

Megan Nicole Griswold

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[30 Nov 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So, I am desperate for music cause all my good stuff is in my car. Soooo, I am listening to MEST and The Rasmus and SIMPLEPLAN and all that jazz. God, I scare myself sometimes, please help me. Anyways, I love Chirstmas season, and the cold, well yeah, I do but I complain because I am never happy about weather here. It was 28 degrees this morning when I left around six-twenty,mhm. At least is wasn't 98 degreessss, haha get it!~? Nevermind. Ummm, what to talk about? I am learning some good stuff in history for once, World War 1 or WW1. I like that stuff, not crap about the manifest destiny, boring. Well, I think I am going to hang up my Christmas lights myself......if I can find or figure out where they are. My parents are never going to do it, so it is up to me. I decorated the tree by myself, they just watched. I am like uhhh, family thing, help, suppose to be a bonding experience not "Oh I am so depressed I think we should get a divorce." Er, stupid family, I am moving in with Stephanie and hers, I basically already live there anyways haha.

Im jaaaaadeeddddddd stupid and reckles and I am sorrrrryyyyy. ahahahahahhaaa.

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[25 Nov 2004|01:41pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

New layout, I kind of really love it. Thankyou to Stephanie for it. I am pathetic and still need people to hold my hand to do this.

On another note....HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Yeah, my family is doing theirs on Saturday, so I am with my second family, the Mitchells, duh. I am still debating on what and when to do my hair. I will do it though, and it is going to be a BIG change haha.


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[13 Nov 2004|04:34pm]
Sooo, I've been helping my brother move this past weekend. I Was there til 10:30 last night just moving toys. God they have so much. But, I had work today and it sucked. It wasn't busy what so ever, so I only got to work for three hours. Sadly I got 20 dollars for it, gosh that blows. Ummm, I am at Stephanies house right now. I hate being home and I want to die my hair, like tonight haha. We are going to see SAW! Yeye, scary stuff. Ummmmm, I also want my Marilyn Menroe piercing. Ummmmmmmm, yeahhhhhh, and yeah, I have so homework to do this coming week for once. I am going to AOC next year, and from now on when I want to go out somewhere late, Sherie said I can say that I am spending the night at her house and I can just go there when I am done. Yeahh, deouchebag parents of mine. They always call my sister and I and my brothers inconsiderate. Yeahh, the one time she actually sees Brian since he moved out she fricken yells at him. Geee, errrrrr.

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[07 Nov 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, I couldn't stand being home this weekend, or today, which is Sunday. Thee end.

p.s My brother has my Used dvd, ugggg

<3 Megan

Oh, and I get to go to AOC next year.....maybe next semester, if it is possible

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[03 Nov 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Okay, so I typed alot of crap in here and my computer just lost it, go figure. Soooo, I am kind of sort of really sick of this family right now. My dog Chewy got bit by shadow in the eye and it is pretty bad, he has to have surgery. My dad wanted to put him down for it, I told him if he did I would never talk to either one of them ever again. So now they have to pay 700 dollars for the surgery, but hey, if they can go out and buy their fricken thunderbird and 200 to 300 dollar props for the boat, why can't they pay for something that is needed? Worth it? Because they are stupid, yes stupid and shallow, especially my father. Two more years, then I am out of this hell hole. Not to mention that my cat Buster went missing last week, so we basically have lost him. I swear, God hates me right now or something.

Umm so, I really want/need to go to AOC. I hate Saugus High School drama like no other. I rather have 3 really close friends then have all the ones I have at Saugus right now, which I am kind of just their last resort for when their boyfriends aren't around or they don't have one. They disagree with what I think, but it is true. My mom doesn't want to/let me go to AOC, I think that she has no right to tell me what school to go to, not like she has to pay tons of money anyways,it is my life why don't you let me do what makes me happy? I am just going to sign up anyways, screw them, I really hate them right now. I asked to get a marilyn menroe piercing for christmas and of course the answer was no. I don't get how every fricken kid at Saugus High can go around with toungues, lips, sectums and eyebrows pierced, and I can't. Why are my parents so different from all the rest? Ugggg, i was suppose to stay home today to watch my neice Cheyanne, but last night I got sick, go figure.

Umm, so yeye for AOC screw Saugus and my family and I can't wait til the weekend when I don't have to be around some people and this house. We get to go to the Cobalt friday to see!....um yeah, top secret, so I won't tell.

<333 Megan

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[15 Oct 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am at Sterphnies house right now. Hanging with her, Lerslie and Bre. Total fun, we took pictures and did tarrot cards. Ummmm, we are going to Universal tomorrow for FUN!

And I want to go to AOC cause I hate everyone at the moment for thinking I am a crappy friend at Saugus because I don't do what they want me to all the time. ANNOYING, kthanks. So, hopefully I can go to AOC next semester, or year. And I hate everyone, besides, Leslie, Steph, and my family, well most, and Stephs family at the moment.

<3 Megan Nicole Griswold

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[12 Oct 2004|08:52pm]
YESSS! LESLIE CAN GO! Okay, so tomorrow is going to be loads of fun. I am talking laundry loads here. Head Automatica, The Used, and others haha. Umm, I am trying to get sleep tonight, wish me luck. <3333
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[03 Oct 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I saw LADDER 49.....TWICE! That movie is a real tear dripper, I'm telling you.

Well, Friday seemed to linger on and on and on and on at school afterwards, at like 3:30 I went to go meet Steph and Leslie at COC. We hung out for like an hour til Stephs mom came and picked us up to go to the movies. The movie was so intense at some parts that it made Leslie throw her phone! hahaha, that was great, she is an awesome girl. Afterwards we went to Borders to get Action Actions cd for Leslie, then walked around the mall, and then went home. I spent the night at Stephs house, we were extremely tired, but we watched Conan O'Brian anyways haha. She set her alarm on her cell phone and it woke her up at least, and then she woke me up. I loveee Jaoquin Pheonix haha. Scary yeah, oh well, you'll get over it. You're over it. Umm, then yesterday we went to Universal Studios, went on a total of 3 rides, due to the lines being so long. Umm, then we went home, my sister had to pick me up cause my parents wen't somewhere and forgot about me coming home haha, lame.

And now I am here, watching Childs Play 3 or something, but yeah, stupid dolls.

Oh yeah, the little effer in line for the Revenge of the Mummy the ride scared me like three times. I would turn around and a guy with a mask would be right there and scared the living bajesus out of me, yey.

Megan Nicole Griswold

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[19 Sep 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

At stephanies house, we went and applied for Party City, hope we get a job there haha.

Anyways, I love Joaquine Phoenix, so shutup.

<3 Megan Nicole Griswold

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Tomorrow, [14 Sep 2004|06:36pm]

I uhm, drove alot today. Went to go apply for Target, buttt, I didn't have my social security number, so I just went straight back home. That angered me. But tomorrow is another day. I have to work this Saturday at the groomers....I think. Should be fun. I get money hah. Ummmm, tomorrow is a minimum day, like woah. Anddd I am bored right now. And my life is just boring, so, I am going to stop boring yours haha. TOodles.

<2 Megan Nicole Griswold
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I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetary.... [11 Sep 2004|05:36pm]
Last night was tons of fun. Started it off with the first football. That was fun, but the game sucked. Jen, Stacy, Ashley, Tyler, D.J and I went to Mountaisia. That was awesome. We played air hockey and other games. Some laser tag, went on the gocarts, played some minature golf. Ashley hit the ball, and D.J smacked it back and it flew into the gocart area. It was halarious haha. Then some little kids felt the need to be pricks and make out in the cave and act all tough shit when we told them to leave haha. But yeah, it was fun, and then Stacy, Jen and I had to be home at 10. And now I am listening to The Ramones. How fun. I babysat most of the day away cause Daniel and Sherie are moving like across from Saugus. So now I can park my car in their drive-way and walk across the street to school so nothing will happen to it. I hope :(. Otherwise I'm dead haha.

Megan Nicole Griswold
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[28 Aug 2004|04:47pm]
Umm, so yeah. Last night, I cussed alot. My apologies. I had never been so pissed in my life I don't think. Well, maybe I have a couple of times, but whatever. Get there three hours early expecting the absolute eastiest way in and turns into a disaster once they open the damn doors. Well, or so I think, I couldn't see. I was being smashed and bitched at by little girls (that cut in front of us in the first place!!!0, to stop pushing them. I just said screw you, you are the ones that caused it. But hummmm yeah. We went to Carls, cause we got smart. And the cops came later and sprayed kids with pepper spray. Seriously, it is suppose to be a local show, how the frick did that happen?

Anyways, I just got back from one of my jobs, well hopefully. I am also applying for Kofee Kiosk. But yeah. I groomed dogs, washed, blow dried, brushed, answered phones. Woo it was fun. Vacumed too. From 7:30 to 4:00. Got payed like 52 or something. I need to go to the bank. But anyways, I don't know what else to say.
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[22 Aug 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Last night I went to the Valencia Ice Station show. Stacy and I left around six forty-five. There was maybe, I don't know, fifty kids there already. All the band guys and what not. Then my brothers girlfriends sisters were there, and her mom and stuff. Her brother I guess in the the band dash rednar or something like that lol. So I talked to them in line. I saw a pretty mustang fastback! God I want one haha. Too bad I'm not allowed to get an old car, grrrr. So, I like the bands pretty much. The last one that went on like five minutes to elven I liked. Only we had to be home at elven, meaning we had to leave like one minute into the song. But yeah, they were good, definitely go to see them again. Elegy was good, Dash Rednar, lalal, all of them. We had a bit of trouble finding everyone. Then we found Kylie and Allie, and then we went to hang out with Amy, Caitlin and Ashley and everyone. Talked to Nick for a couple of minutes and we came to the conclusion that we need to bring an extra shirt to the fricken shows so no one has the same haha. See someone with your shirt, go and change it lol. Stupid, yeah I know. But it was ammusing haha. Said Hi to Brian. Then went back to find people, which was what we were doing haha. I got water poured all of my chest, and some got on my pants, so it looked like I wet my pants. Why am I always the one that happens to?! Haha, fun stuff though. Next weeks one will be better. We also had a brain freezing contest with ice cubes!! Oh, none of won though haha. Then, Amy spit in the cup and Caitlin wanted to get a refill, and we just started to bust up laughing haha. Umm, and today, I cleaned the bathroom! OMG, you missed out. Not really but ok, I am leaving now. Later tater.

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Umm, thinking about my driving test....er [19 Aug 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | worried ]

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. When and how did we meet?

4. Do you have a crush on me?

5. Would you kiss me?

6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

7. Describe me in one word.

8. What was your first impression?

9. Do you still think that way about me now?

10. What reminds you of me?

11. If you could give me anything what would it be?

12. How well do you know me?

13. When's the last time you saw me?

14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?

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School....and other shit...weee [18 Aug 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So I am LOVING school this year so far. Definitely remodeling it brings new attitude and change. But yeah, go there at like six thirty leave at two. I like all my classes, except mayeb my english teacher, because she is pissy and flares her nose ALOT when she talks. I think that might be one of my pet peeves haha.

Anyways, went over to Stacy's house and messed with paintshop pro and watch Princess Diaries, it was all and all fun. My stupid shop thing on here isn't the same so it is pissing me off that I can't do what I want to do. I go next wednesday to take my drivers test and hopefully to the ice station show and movies this Saturday and to look at the Ford dealers for an F-150. This week is going by really fast. But....I LIKE IT.


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[13 Aug 2004|10:21am]
[ mood | hyper ]

So, later yesterday I went over to Stephs house. We went to COC. Stephanie let her mom go get the schedule we forgot. So we had the keys and Stephanie wanted to move the car only was kind of scared so I said that I would do it. Right when I was pulling out she yells "SHE'S COMING!", so I quickly put it in drive and took my foot off the brake and pulled forward. Her mom came in and said not to go in that fast and not to drive her car haha. Stephanie blamed me lol. But it was kind of funny. I didn't think that I went in that fast. Then we went to go rent "Quills", and "Signs". Wow, Quills, all I have to say issss, Amature porn? Don't know, it is kind of dirty lol. I'm glad Timmy wasn't there when we rented it...haha, Steph knows what I mean. Signs, yeah, same old same old haha.

I got home, had McDonalds, then went to bed because I was tired. I am leaving for San Diego tomorrow to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I am just looking forward to being by the beach! YES! Umm yeah, school starts Monday. I think it just sunk in. I feel like I am going to cry haha. Just kidding. Anyways. I want to see The Village again. So maybe next weekend lol.

Megan Nicole Griswold

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[12 Aug 2004|10:43am]
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